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Pressure washer $1200-2000 MSRP

This is for a larger (SUPER Heavy duty) 11+hp unit

  • 1 h
  • $265 Base Price.
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Many times when pressure washers sit unused the water pump can freeze This happens on 1 out of every 15 pressure washer jobs although it is not common keep in mind you may require a new pump which is rare. A new pump plus the complete care package rarely (Has never so far) exceeded the cost of a new pressure washer choosing tiger repair is always wiser financially. The complete care package ($265 starting) for a Pressure Washer includes 1. Remove wheels and grease axles with Green Grease 2. Environmentally certified oil Disposal. EPA Compliance. 3. New oil we use the BEST Royal Purple 4. De-grease and wash machine 6. Valve Cover and inspect valve adjustment + $40 if needed free is VA was not needed 7. Clean filter/spark/change as needed +10$ ea for parts if needed 8. Clean Carb as needed + $40 if needed

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & rescheduling You can cancel or reschedule through the website 24 hours before your appointment starts. Please do not cancel within 24 hours I will be collecting a $10 fee to the violation if you do so. EMAIL ME EARLIER THAN 24HRS FROM YOUR APPOINTMENT TO AVOID $10 fee, If you are on next days schedule and I am making a plan working out a route and making decisions just how to serve everyone that day making modifications calls and working an hour-2 planning It is part of the work that gets done in the background none the less, my valuable time, booking customers pay for, by completing jobs. 24 hrs, if you need to cancel after that, you must pay the $10. It is only fair. I am here to make money. You coming on my schedule and canceling withing 24 hrs already used my scheduling and planning time on your project, the $10 covers some of the costs likely not all to submit a cancellation REQUEST. All cancellation request date stamped earlier than 24 hrs no problem easy cancel easy reschedule. You can do it yourself through the site. Within 24 hrs please email me as soon as you know. You know if its 22 21 hrs im not gonna be a punk. and there is some grace period just email me well chat.

Contact Details

+ 4049193047

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