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Your appointment time is a pretty good estimate, things happen sometimes we will do our best to keep you updated! We will do our absolute best to be on time see you soon.

When your parts arrive, please book online to lock your spot in again!

Mobile small engine repair. BOOK ONLINE. It was brave of me to show my prices where you click book online and read more. The customers that think its too high, dont realize I am one of the most skilled technicians. They don't realize their repair will last longer and they will learn more skills to keep machine running year after year equaling to less money spend over time LESS MONEY LATER.  We make your machine like new again. Both in the way it looks cosmetically and the way that impossibly light pull starts the machine. Yes our prices are a bit higher. That's because you get 0.03 cents of service every 0.01 cent you pay!

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Don't be fooled by a lower price and similar copy cat "Complete care packages" when you look at the booking and see every single task that is included multiplied by the quality of the oil grease balance of the blade and long service life oil 2x longer than regular that's 100 instead of 50 hrs. We guarantee our service is more bang for your buck. You literally get YEARS more for just a few dollars more and having the best in town service your machine not having your car smell like gas and grass, not breaking your back. Their prices, plus your back, and waiting for your equipment back is well worth the 20-50$ more TREAT YOURSELF TO THE TIGER. OUR PRICES ARE UP FRONT IGNORE THE STICKER SHOCK that will pass when your machine starts DECADE AFTER DECADE it is worth every penny and more something that takes guts (telling the upfront total cost with max and min and be within $20-70) in a world where your competition just mention a lower price and play games and they do CALL THEM press them for oil brands grease brands specialized balancing equipment and then do the calculation. Slightly more money now for SIGNIFICANTLY MORE MOWER life and use dollar per hour compared to ANYWHERE.  our machine repair quality techniques and equipment and supply quality is how! Our prices have been the same or similar and the truth is customers get more with us. You can too!

We are also a a small business that has 1 owner (the owner) 1 technician, (the owner) As we fired out 2 technicians for providing poor service and destroying an engine, I had to pay for, But 1 of them stated their own business yay! Again, beware of copy cats it's not worth it! Only the original Tiger, Tom, The owner is going to repair jobs, THE OG the legends you read about in over 100 positive reviews!! You can read about the former in the negative reviews.


Simply click book online or 3 bars or dots and and select book online the type of equipment you have to see pricing. MAKE SURE TO CLICK "READ MORE" for you folks on the cell phone!!

To cancel an appointment or reschedule please email a request to if you need to cancel please do so within 48 hour of your appointment please thanks! If not, expect a visit from Vinny. I am just kidding.


While you are under book online, you choose your type of machine and CLICK READ MORE FOR THE TYPE OF EQUIPMENT YOU BOOK AND UNDERSTAND MY POLICY AND PROCEDURE BEFORE BOOKING ALL the pricing is there and clear as day. Your booking our services is a contract. READ THE WHOLE THING under read more before you book.

We are following Proper Social distancing rules and disinfecting the machines.

1  I INVITE ALL CUSTOMERS TO COME FORWARD WITH THEIR ISSUES PAST PRESENT FUTURE, If your machine is down give us an email I wont stand for a bad review so I will fix any problem given time and patience. Thanks for considering us for your repair. (less than 2% will experience go backs or issues)

2. We prefer cash, thrn Zelle 2nd, if you pay with Card we charge a 10% Fee, we can accept credit card.

3. Payment is due at time of repair completion before technician leaves machine working or not, like the doctors, we have the perscription (parts ordered, and it will be up soon! see our reviews!) to next job. please have accounting dept or whoever has to be there to pay cc# and zip and related such things. Prepare payment well in advance please not exact amount but... You know what I mean.

 Technician will wait for payment. please have payment close at hand.

4. If a technician has to order parts, Most customers pay 100% in advance, so we don't have to fiddle with this silly green stuff more than once. It is so unpleasant and stressful. Some customers may want to have a payment left t make once all is installed and working well. We ask that you pay 70% minimum in all cases thank you.

4 Please put your water hose (Wash) and extension cord (Sharpen with grinder blade) outside in preparation of our visit.

We will disinfect all surfaces on your machine water hose and extension cord.

5. The valve adjustment is FREE to check $ if adjustment is needed it is 100% mandatory we measure it. We will ABSOLUTELY NOT CHARGE you if your adjustment and tightness is proper. It is something that will save your engine if you need it. NO CUSTOMER MAY REQUEST to omit this measurement.

We start with this measurement. If you are reading this with the technician please now go to the read more section about your type of mower to see proper price and procedure.

We are the busiest/most popular Mobile small engine repair business yet are a modest 1 man band! I am usually in the field repairing mowers, So it is hard to answer the phone all the time. (But I try hard!!!) DON'T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU PLEASE! Click book online and see the Tiger way is a better way! Book online for service immediately, We prefer you read about the individual services and book online without calling or sending emails with questions for clarification at! We are the highest rated mobile small engine repair business in the US/Whole World currently. Please take a moment to read our reviews and verify our affiliation and grade with the BBB  (Google Reviews, A+ Grade with BBB)  then know you are calling the best! Click on the tab that says "BOOK ONLINE" Or click here to schedule your appointment.

10%cc fee Not kidding
Dont use CC if avoidable

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