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• Complete Care Package135 base price plus see below if needed (Push mower or other similarly priced item homeowners pressure washer or a small generator also 

Average price after all is said and done is ~155

$135 The complete care package for a push mower includes

supplies aka Oil, balancing, Grease, but not things like the cost of the air filter or spark plug those are an additional charge. Most of the time we gap the plug and clean the filter. In cases where the customer requests or is absolutely requires new, expect to see an additional charge for AF and Spark of ~6-9$.

1. Sharpen/Balance blade with the Magna-matic 1000

2. Remove wheels and grease axles with Green Grease. INCLUDED

3. Environmentally certified oil Disposal. EPA Compliance.

4. New oil we use the BEST, Royal Purple!

5. Inspect/Adjust Self propelled

6. Valve Cover and inspect valve adjustment + $20 if needed

7. Clean filter/spark/change as needed add extra$ if required filter $5-10 Spark plug $5-8

8. Clean Carb as needed + $20 if needed

9. De-grease and wash machine

• Complete Care Package (AVERAGE Riding Mower) this reflects a standard rider. 25-inch to 43 for regular rider

Average Rider price after all is said and done is ~335

$295 base priceThe complete care package for a riding mower includes

Supplies aka oil, (oil filter is free and incl), grease, and de greaser.It does not include parts though like air filter, fuel filter, or spark plug belts ect.

1. A. Remove lawn mowing deck

1. B. Sharpen/Balance Blade with the Magna-matic 1000

2. Grease all grease-able grease points with Green Grease

3. Environmentally certified oil Disposal. EPA Compliance.

4. Oil change featuring only the best possible oil Royal Purple

5. inspection of uneven cutting and deck height + $35 if deck adjustment is needed

6. Valve Cover and inspect valve adjustment + $35 PER VALVE COVER if needed

7. Clean filter/spark/change as needed

8. Clean Carb as needed + $40 if needed

IF CARB CLEANING FAILED which hpaanes in lass than %2 of cases YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY THE CARB CLEANING ATTEMPT AND THE ADDITIONAL 35 TO install new carb if parts need to be ordered.

9. De-grease and wash machine is free takes 10 min.

10 if you machine had a horrible oil leak and there is just abnormal oil EVERYWHERE add$ 40 extra for removing engine top cover and doing a HEAVY degreasing ususally takes 30-60 min happens in about 8% of rider

11. I may combine services or make up a service such as electrical system making sound %40 or heavy degreasing 40 or solve small problem and remove oil from spark plug incases where no damage actully coocured.

We keep your power equipment running as it was designed to run!

Compared to the competition, we guarantee that if you compare what you spent over what you get you will find that with us, you get SO MUCH MORE VALUE! Every single dollar you spend gets re-invested in the highest quality oil and supplies and highly skilled specialized labor at a huge sacrifice to our bottom line. From the moment we arrive, we do more work, at a higher echelon of service quality, with the best supplies. Once you breakdown what you get and the lessons we teach, You really can't afford not to use us! We guarantee that despite a slightly higher cost we will give you more than any other company out there!

For example, the Royal Purple oil. I used to use a full synthetic product called Castrol gtx magnatec. Cost me $17 every 5 quarts. When we used castrol the customer needed a valve adjustment every year $15 to 25 dollars more in my pocket each year and cheap oil made for good profitability  (PROFITABLE HUH?), after switching to a product that costs over 2x as much i am coming back 3-5 years and visiting mowers that have had purple in them. NOT A SINGLE ROYAL PURPLE oiled MOWER HAS NEEDED A VALVE ADJUSTMENT SINCE!

I am willing to buy a product that costs 2x as much and forego future profits of future valve adjustments, forego profits of using a cheaper product, and forgo the short term profits and think bigger picture. Because that is the type of business I run. Was it painful at first! YOU BET! Now though the word is getting out, the royal purple is the star of the show I also did not raise the price of the complete care package and made that switch because it is important to me!

Contact Tom at 404-919-3047 if you have any questions about Tiger Small Engine Repair's service offerings,

Tiger Small Engine Repair services can save you hours of time wrestling your equipment to get it to and from a central repair shop. Added to that, the reduction in possible injury and vehicle damage makes Tiger Power Equipment the answer for those who want a simple, cost-effective way to handle all power equipment headaches.

In many cases, the time savings is not only in travel time to a repair shop. In most shops, equipment can wait weeks in line for fixes or maintenance that only takes one or two hours. Tiger Small Engine Repair eliminates this lag time by handling your issue on-site, immediately, and at a price that is very competitive with brick-and-mortar repair shops.

Through efficient planning and experience, Tiger Small Engine Repair is able to handle almost anything on-site that could be done in a normal repair shop. If we are unable to schedule a convenient time for our customer, or if repairs will take longer than we can accomplish on-site, we'll work on your item(s) in our shop and get your equipment back to you as soon as possible


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