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Why it is a cleaning attempt and not a guarantee?

Carbs can be tricky. Most machines run like new after they are cleaned with a couple of poofs of carb spray. Some are encapsulated in a rock hard varnish that simply won't become clear. We are able to successfully clean 83% of all carbs. For every single attempt we make, WE GIVE IT OUR ALL!!!

Cleaning carburetors is not an exact science.
Carb Cleaning "attempt"

Carburetor cleaning does not always work

You might say. You cleaned my carburetor but it is not running quite right. Why should I pay for the labor for either a second cleaning or labor plus new carb. It is because 80% of the time a carb cleaning is a successful "additional service" that normally would not be done with a standard tune up. If you are unlucky enough to have a carb that failed the first cleaning attempt despair not. We are however doing the BEST possible cleaning back and fourth of all the passage ways and disassemble fully and clean thoroughly. If it does happen, it will not be in vain, it will have been after a thorough cleaning that fixes most!

If you take a moment to sit with us.

You can see the best in the business operate at an ultra high level. Transcending the world of professionalism, personality and skill brought directly to your home or place or business. On time or not too late! You need only click book online and experience our swift small engine repair!

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